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Lodz Exhibition and Trade Centre EXPO

 Polska, ul. Wolczanska 199

In March 1995 a new Exhibition and Trade Centre EXPO-Lodz, one of the most modern centres of this kind in Poland, was put out to use thanks to Lodz Commune. The Hall situated in the centre of the city hosts most of the trade and exhibition events organised in Lodz. Lodz International Fair administers the EXPO-Hall.

In 2001 the next stage of Lodz Exhibition Centre development began. LIF became the owners of new fair grounds, located at 17 Stefanowskiego Str, in the immediate vicinity of its seat and halls already existing. On the EXPO-Bis terrain (2 hectares) there are:

  • new exhibition hall
  • conference and show centre
  • outdoor exhibition area
  • parking place

EXPO and EXPO-Bis are a perfect place to organise:

  • fairs and trade exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, congresses
  • promotional events
  • presentations of the companies entering Polish market with new products, technologies and services
  • balls
  • contests, tournaments and sports competitions
  • rock concerts and other artistic events
  • mass-meetings
** Hotel Relax
Łódź, ul. Piotrkowska 192

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Łódź, ul. Legionów 81

** Hotel Mazowiecki
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*** Hotel Światowit
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** Hotel Savoy
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TargiCentrum wystawowe "Lodz Exhibition and Trade Centre EXPO"

 Polska, Łódź
Data: 12-14 Paź 2020

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